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Alarm Robotics

FRC Robotics Team 2079

Who Are We?

The Alarm 2079 robotics team is a competitive high school robotics team participating in the F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition (FRC) program since 2007. We strive to provide an atmosphere of excitement, a voice of experience and a reasonably equipped fabrication facility to those students motivated to solve real-word problems in design, engineering, strategy and business.


Our team draws its membership from several towns in the southern MetroWest Area and is open to all high school students interested in any of the many facets of technology and business and willing to commit to the goals and success of the team. We are affiliated with 4H Massachusetts, and supported by parents and volunteers.



⯌ What can you do? ⯌

You can support us by participating in events we hold, contributing to our fundraisers, signing up to our newsletter, ect. If you are interested in joining the club either as a student or a mentor feel free reach out. We are always excited to welcome new members!

⯌ Our Current Focus ⯌

⯌ Contact Us! ⯌

Recieving an Award
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